We have been operating for 27 years providing specialized technical services in the area of ​​research and development of agricultural products. 

Over two decades in constant growth, improvement, update and enterprise segment, which assures increasingly possibility to achieve our vision in quality of our services.

We have a technical team made up of engineers, biologists, agricultural technicians and consultants, in addition to a body formed by business administrators.

Support & Processes

Support for obtaining license for business regularization and product registration, RET (Special Temporary Registration) and import.

Technical Consultancy

We offer technical consultancy for the classification and assessment of the regulatory feasibility of products and services.

Field Tests

We operate from planning, through the elaboration, execution and management of field tests and laboratories (R&D).

Since 1993 we have been offering outsourcing services to large companies in the sector of research and development of agrochemicals.