Dinagrowski started its operations in 1993 by Entrepreneurs Carlos and Indiamara Dinarowski providing services and hiring specialized labor for Agrochemical Companies. The inspiration to add the letter “G” in the family name created the “AGRO” emblem, which sums up the company’s specialty until the present day.  

Located in the city of Mogi-Mirim, SP, the company has been growing little by little and developing in the agricultural area. Currently, the organization has a technical team made up by engineers, biologists, agricultural technicians and consultants, in addition to a body formed by business administrators.

Agribusiness Assistance Dinagrowski is a company that has been operating in the agribusiness industry for over 25 years, offering solutions for better performance and effectiveness in several agricultural sectors, through the outsourcing of specialized labor and complete analysis and research aimed at the development of agrochemicals. We have structure for all regions of Brazil; and currently with employees in the States of São Paulo, Paraná, Goiás, Mato Grosso and Minas Gerais.

Our team is specialized in prospecting, hiring and administration, including: recruitment and selection, training, occupational health programs, workday control, payroll, benefits, people management, among others. In addition, we develop Agricultural Research Projects in partnership with Universities, from their study in Protocol, implementation, monitoring and handling, evaluations and report preparation, meeting the delivery deadlines and pre-established requirements.

The outsourced service has as its greatest advantage its specialization, with experienced and qualified professionals.


Meet the clients needs with excellence. We are committed to meeting the customer needs for excellence, safety and responsibility,  promoting people’s health and well-being, and also preserving the environment.


Be recognized as a company of high technical standard in quality excellence and reference in its areas of operation.


Ethics, Honesty, Responsibility and Respect for People and the Environment.